How do I transfer files from my TRIPLTEK to my computer?

For Windows Computer: 1-Unlock your phone. 2-With a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer. 3-On your phone, tap the "Charging this device via USB" notification. 4-Under "Use USB for," select File Transfer. 5-A file transfer window will open on your computer. Use it to drag files. 6-When you're done, eject your phone from Windows. 7-Unplug the USB cable.

For other systems and additional questions refer to:

How can I get more help using Android?

You can go to to learn more about Android and Android APPs

I can not find DJI FLY APP on the Play Store

You can download the last DJI Fly APP version form Download section. On your TIPLTEK open the Browser and go to Once is downloaded install it on the TRIPLTEK

What is the function of the SOS button?

The SOS button can be programmed to wotk as a SOS function or to open other APPs or System Options. Refer to the User Manual for more information. If it is programmed as a SOS function, It will call to your prefered SOS number. You will need a SIM card with contract to use this function.

Where can I find the User Manual for my TRIPLTEK 8 inch PRO

The TRIPLTEK 8 inch User Manual is in your TRIPLTEK, you can find it on the APPs Menu. You can also download it from this page down below

How can I mirror my Screen to a Wireless Monitor/Computer?

TRIPLTEK uses the standard Miracast to mirror or cast the screen on a Wireless Display Windows 10 devices and Apple devices. The Cast option is under Settings>Connected devices>Connection Preferences

Ultra high resolution video player is stuttering

To play ultra high resolution video smooth, please Download Total Commander - file manager APP from here

The Compass function is not working or it is not acurate

Some Compass APP are not working well. Please use one of this APPs below, you can get them on the Play Store: Compass Steel 3D (No ads)

SD card and SIM card

How do I install a SD card?

Please watch this video to install a SD card. If after you see the video your SD card is not detected, please contact us , you may have a defective try and we will send you a new one

How do I install a SIM card?

How do I gain access to the content on a USB stick

My T8 PRO does not read other devices formatted SD cards

T8 PRO is able to read other formatted cards like ExFAT or NTFS with a third party APP. You can download from here:

To download the TRIPLTEK user manual click here

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