8-inch 1200 nits Display
4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone
8GB RAM / 256 GB Storage
Long lasting 12,200 mAh Battery
Waterproof  IP 68
Octa-Core  64 bits  3D-GPU 

TRIPLTEK Ultra Bright 1200 nits Display

The Ultra High Resolution 8 inch Display of 1200 cd/m² Sustained brightness makes the TRIPLTEK the brightest tablet/smartphone on the market, more than three times as bright as a typical mobile device. Operate your display under direct sunlight and all-weather conditions thanks to the glove touch and wet touch features.

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Sleek Design with Uncompromised Durability

Ergonomic Design to fit in the palm of your hand. The sleek design of 0.6 inches wide, makes the TRIPLTEK 8-inch surprisingly thin despite its durability.  Equipped with a Powerful Octa-Core CPU with 3D Ready GPU for enhanced graphics processing.

Fast, Reliable and Long Lasting Battery life

Equipped with extended use in mind. Keep your device fully operational through a battery that holds its charge for up to 30 days on standby.

Get back to work faster via fast-charging technology.

Protected Against the Elements 

Built using high strength polyurethane and aluminum alloy. The TRIPLTEK is protected from accidental drops and is able to support up to a ton of pressure,  it is also dust and water-resistant IP-68 and can withstand extreme temperature ranges ranging from 0°F to 120°F.

Always Connected 4G LTE, GPS, WIFI, NFC

4G LTE Smartphone , WIFI Dual-brand (2.4GHz/5Ghz), GPS and NFC

Connect to your devices and stay linked with a steady transfer. Get accurate and real-time positioning information on the move. And use Google Pay thanks to the NFC connectivity 

Compatible with All Drones

 Best in class drone companion. Built to work as a drone operating device, with compatibility in mind. Operates all commercially available drones.

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8 Inch 1200 nits 2560x1600 pixels Display

4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone

8GB RAM / 256 GB Storage

Octa-Core CPU(10% faster than 7 PRO)

GPU 3D (35% faster than 7 PRO)

12,200 mAh Battery

WIFI 2,4/5 GHz

Bluetooth and NFC

SD card up to 1 TB

Android 10

Waterproof IP68


Military Standard construction

One Year warranty